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Lewes FC: the football club who are making equality pay

Two years ago Lewes FC became the first football club in the world to pay their women’s team the same wages as their men’s team. The club’s chairman, Stuart Fuller, is still waiting for other clubs will follow their lead. “We are pushing the message that this is possible and spreading this to other…

Brexit and the Irish border: A simple explanation

Image copyright Getty ImagesThe Irish border problem has been a major sticking point for Brexit. Tory leadership contenders Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have been setting out their solutions during a visit to Belfast. What's the problem? If Brexit happens, the 310-mile Irish border will represent…

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Cleared Ice Cream Wars accused Thomas ‘TC’ Campbell dies

Image caption Thomas Campbell leaves the Court of Session in Edinburgh after having his conviction quashed on March 17, 2004Thomas 'TC' Campbell, one of the two men wrongly convicted of Glasgow's so-called Ice Cream Wars murders, has died at his home aged 66. Mr Campbell and Joe Steele were…

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John Drummond

John Drummond is an expert on business ethics and corporate responsibility. His published works include two books on business ethics: “It’s Good…

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Math Campbell-Sturgess

Math Campbell-Sturgess is a graphic designer & political activist. Born in England, Math served for 5 years as an SNP Councillor in Inverclyde,…

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Fraser Pettigrew

Fraser Pettigrew was born in 1963 in Glasgow and led an itinerant early childhood in the mining towns of central Scotland before gaining his secondary…

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Alan Bruce

Alan Donaldson-Bruce lives and works in the Kingdom of Fife, working in Environmental Health. He’s an ex-Boroughmuir boy having spent his formative…

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Will McLeod

Will McLeod is an independent journalist in the United States who writes about Scottish & American politics. His podcast can be found at…

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Gaius Gracchus

Gaius Gracchus is a pro-indy writer who believes power belongs to the people - and that independence is the only way Scots can live in a modern state…

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Gracchian. Once a potential polymath, but stymied by a permanent state of ennui and pervading sense of futility, chose instead to begin his working…

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