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Burton-upon-Trent Kerry Food factory closure axes 900 jobs

Image caption About 900 jobs are set to be lost at Kerry Foods' Burton-upon-Trent factoryThe closure of a food factory and the loss of 900 jobs will be a "calamity" for a town, a union said. Union representatives said Kerry Foods in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, was the town's biggest employer.…

Brexit: Survival of UK in doubt, Gordon Brown warns

Image copyright Getty ImagesGordon Brown has warned the future of the union between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is "more at risk" than at any time in 300 years. The ex-prime minister said the United Kingdom risked "unravelling" due to Brexit and the "narrow nationalism" of the…

RNLI tackles Peterhead ‘crew issue’ with new training plan

Image copyright Peterhead RNLIA plan is in place to return a lifeboat station - not being used for rescues because of a "lack of mutual trust" among some volunteers - to duty from as early as next month, the RNLI has said. The Peterhead lifeboat decision earlier this month had been described as a…

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Renee and Andrew MacRae: Pushchair parts at Culloden quarry

Image copyright Police Scotland Image caption Andrew MacRae and the pram his mother, Renee, ownedParts of a pram have been found in a disused quarry drained in a police investigation into the murder of a mother and her young son 43 years ago. Renee MacRae, 36, from Inverness, and her three-year-old…

Stirling street turns to “water park” after flash flooding

A road in Stirling was deep enough with flowing water that it created an improvised water slide during flash flooding. Heavy rain led to disruption across Scotland on Monday. Flash flooding affected many roads in Stirling and Edinburgh. Fourteen people were rescued by boat from Stirling County Rugby…

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John Drummond

John Drummond is an expert on business ethics and corporate responsibility. His published works include two books on business ethics: “It’s Good…

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Math Campbell-Sturgess

Math Campbell-Sturgess is a graphic designer & political activist. Born in England, Math served for 5 years as an SNP Councillor in Inverclyde,…

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Fraser Pettigrew

Fraser Pettigrew was born in 1963 in Glasgow and led an itinerant early childhood in the mining towns of central Scotland before gaining his secondary…

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Calgacus is a part-time vegetarian, who when he isn't fighting the Empire fills his time with yoga-classes, books and staring at walls.

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Lindy Anne Barbour

Lindy Barbour is a psychotherapist and poet living in rural Lanarkshire. She teaches counselling and psychotherapy at the University of Edinburgh. She…

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Kevin Robertson

Kevin Robertson is a Counsellor in private practice in the West End of Edinburgh. Born and bred in the Capital, on graduation, he started his career…

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Alan Bruce

Alan Donaldson-Bruce lives and works in the Kingdom of Fife, working in Environmental Health. He’s an ex-Boroughmuir boy having spent his formative…

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