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Guests criticise Jeremy Kyle Show ‘lack of aftercare’

Shauner Proctor and Danny Fuller

A West Lothian couple who appeared many times on the Jeremy Kyle Show have claimed producers failed to provide after-show care.

The show has now been axed by ITV after a guest who was told on the programme he had failed a lie detector test, was later found dead.

Danny Fuller, 36, and Shauner Proctor, 18, from Bathgate, said they felt there was a failure to support guests.

The show said it had a guest welfare team including a psychotherapist.

Mr Fuller, a father-of-eight, said he had appeared five times on the programme but felt he had been “used and abused”.

He told BBC Scotland: “Out of the five shows I was on, the first show, I can’t fault the help, it was spot on, but the shows after that had different producers, the help wasn’t there and the follow up wasn’t there.

“You get sent off in a taxi and sent on your way, straight after the cameras go off.”

Image copyright PA
Image caption Jeremy Kyle is known for his robus questioning of guests on his show

Mr Fuller said he should have received follow-up calls from an after-care team.

“You might get an out-of-the-blue call for a catch up from one of the producers but it’s normally to try to get you back on the show, it’s never an aftercare team as described,” he said

“Everyone goes on thinking there will be support after they leave but all of a sudden it’s gone. They’ve had what they want out of you, you’ve been used and abused an that’s it.”

Ms Proctor said she had no after show support at all.

“The first time I went on with my sister and there was no aftercare for her either,” she said.

“You go on when someone has done something really bad but Jeremy Kyle will turn it around on you like you’re the bad person, when you’re not.”

ITV said The Jeremy Kyle Show had “significant and detailed duty of care processes in place for contributors pre, during and post show”.

It said its “guest welfare team” – made up of a consultant psychotherapist and three mental health nurses – looked after people who took part in the programme.

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