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Ruth Davidson: Scotland should ‘move on’ from referendums

Ruth Davidson holding whiskyImage copyright Getty Images
Image caption Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said the UK should leave the EU “in an orderly manner”

Ruth Davidson has urged Scots to “move on” from constitutional debates as she launched the Scottish Conservative campaign for the European elections.

The Tories had hoped to avoid going to the polls on 23 May, but have conceded they will take place with the Brexit deadlock at Westminster still unbroken.

The party has not produced a manifesto, but held a campaign launch event at a distillery near Stirling.

Ms Davidson spoke out against having a new vote on Brexit or on independence.

The Scottish Tory leader said the UK should “leave the European Union in an orderly manner” and move on to new debates.

Ms Davidson said a vote for her party would “respect the result of referendums”, pledging “to honour the voices of millions of people who told us Scotland should stay in the UK, and that the UK should leave the EU”.

She said: “Nicola Sturgeon wants to use these elections to selfishly push her own case for separation.

“Another independence referendum would reopen old wounds and plunge Scotland into another period of division and uncertainty.

“It’s time to move on – and only a vote for the Scottish Conservatives can ensure we do exactly that.”

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