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Son who stabbed mother to be detained for nine years

Kyle MorrisonImage copyright Spindrift
Image caption Kyle Morrison had been held in the State Hospital at Carstairs on a treatment order since pleading guilty

A student who stabbed his mother 30 times in a murder bid at their home has been ordered to be detained for nine years.

Kyle Morrison, 20, pounced on Sharon Morrison as she returned to the flat in Jordanhill, Glasgow, last August.

Morrison had been held in the State Hospital at Carstairs on a treatment order since pleading guilty to the attack.

But the High Court in Glasgow heard there was “no basis” to keep him there.

He will now spend the initial period of his nine-year sentence in a young offenders institution.

Judge Lord Mulholland told Morrison his mother was “lucky to still be here”.

He added: “Your motive seems to be some sick fantasy on your part.

“You are her only child – she brought you into the world, nurtured you and gave you every opportunity.

“This was an appalling crime which will have long-term consequences for your mum.”

High risk

Morrison – deemed a high risk for future offending – will be monitored for three years on his release.

He did not look at his mother in the courtroom as he was taken in handcuffs to the cells.

The court had previously heard how Morrison and his mum had enjoyed a “good” relationship while growing up.

But, in the days leading up to the attack, the Heriot-Watt University student penned letters about harming her.

Prosecutor Lynsey MacDonald said this included “setting out in detail” a plan to kill her.

This involved hiding in her closet, stabbing the woman and strangling her “if necessary”.

Sharon was attacked on 22 August last year after finishing work.

As she went to get changed, Morrison suddenly appeared in her bedroom and started lashing out with a knife.

Miss MacDonald told the court: “He repeatedly said sorry as he stabbed her.”

He went on to put his arm around his stricken mum and began strangling her.

The prosecutor told the court: “She begged him to stop and to let her go.”


Morrison eventually left his blood-soaked mother – and went into his own room to play music.

She lay injured for about 20 minutes believing she was going to die.

She begged her son to call an ambulance – but he said he would do it when he was “ready”.

Morrison did eventually dial 999 and stated: “I tried to kill my mum. You better get on to that.”

Paramedics found Sharon still on the floor of the flat.

She had at least 30 stab wounds as well as a collapsed lung.

Morrison was arrested in Edinburgh the next day.

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